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Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore

Our Corporate Secretarial Services help companies in Singapore remain compliant with the complex legal demands they are subject to. Chapter 50 of the Singapore Companies Act states that every registered Singaporean company has to recruit the service of a corporate secretary, within half a year of its’ incorporation. This secretary serves as the company’s head administrative officer, and is in charge of the smooth running of board procedures, in accordance with the law. All breaches of this act carry with them severe repercussions, including penalties, fines and criminal charges for both the organization itself, and its’ director. Our friendly and highly skilled staff will help you to meet your statutory obligations, with the minimum of fuss.

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For over quarter of a century, Value Added Systems Pte Ltd has provided corporate secretarial services to companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Currently, for the first twelve months, we are offering a 60% discount to our company secretarial services at just S$360 (usual S$600/year), which beats all of our competitors hands down. As a further bonus, we offer free round the clock access to your AGM (annual general meeting) documents, board resolutions, minutes and online secretarial register book. This alone provides good value.

corporate secretarial services singapore

As your company’s appointed secretary, we will take care of all the tasks listed below, which leaves you free to concentrate on your business:

Maintaining the Statutory Registers

Statutory registers have to be set up and maintained to record all company changes. This includes the appointment of officers (such as auditors, directors, managers and secretaries), the death or resignation of officers, and the transferring and issuing of shares amongst shareholders. Also, the details of company debentures have to be tracked and signed board resolutions have to be filed, along with AGM/EGM (extraordinary general meeting) minutes.

Informing ACRA of Statutory Record Changes

Within a certain time period, ACRA (the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore) has to be informed about the deaths/resignations/appointments of any officers. Annual returns have to be filed, and proposed changes to a company’s name have to be authorized and logged. Shares have to be allotted and transferred, and memorandums have to be edited as required.

Meetings of the Board of Directors

Directors’ circular resolutions have to be prepared. Minutes have to be taken at meetings and copies of these have to be certified. Also, professional legal advice is required in relation to the Singapore Companies Act.

AGMs and Annual Return

Both non audited or audited financial reports have to be collected for distribution to shareholders. Meeting agendas have to be prepared and minutes have to be taken at meetings. Furthermore, Annual Returns have to be submitted to ACRA.

Correct use of Company Seal

A company seal has to be stored safely. Also, it has to be used as specified in the Articles of Association and company memorandum. Undoubtedly, the corporate secretarial services we deliver are comprehensive, cost effective and suitable for multinational and local organizations of all sizes.


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